John B Keane Licensing in Ireland

John B Keane

The DLI is delighted to license the plays of John B Keane (1928-2002) for amateur performance.  John B was one of Ireland’s most prolific and respected playwrights, and his work is as much performed today here in Ireland and internationally, as when he began writing in 1959.  Modern classics such as Big Maggie, Sharon’s Grave, Many Young Men of Twenty, Moll, The Year of The Hiker and The Chastitute are all available for production, and the scripts may be borrowed from the DLI Library for perusal. 
Contact Valerie in the DLI Office 01 2969343 if your group is interested in staging a Keane play. As of January 2015, the rights for Sive have been re-released for amateurs. 


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