DLI Summer School 2018


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DLI Summer School Line-Up 2018

  1. Course A:  Do Re Mi. . . . Chrissie Poulter will host the beginners/improvers. ‘Using scripts, stories, objects, songs to help us tell a tale, we’ll play with playing and plays.  See you there!’
  2. Course B:  Oh Brave New World . . . . Thomas Conway will tackle directing new/little-known plays which are ‘exuberant, outlandish, ribald, dangerous, scandalous, breathtaking and fully engaged in our world’. All levels.
  3. Course C:  Strengthening the Voice & Owning the Text . . .  Cathal Quinn will hone vocal technique in the mornings and in the afternoons introduce text and look at poetry/plays of Joyce and Beckett.  Actors at all levels.
  4. Course D:  The Directing Dynamic  . . . Vincent O’Neill aims to share his ‘secrets, skill-sets and techniques for creating impactful and dynamic productions’ with experienced directors & actors.
  5. Course E:  Physical Theatre in Professional Performance . . .  Bryan Burroughs – physical actor, director, teacher, writer – will give actors ‘a firm footing in how to use their bodies in the fullest expression of themselves and their art’.  (Recently seen in Ulysses and Angela’s Ashes - The Musical).
  6. Course F: Work Hard.  Play Harder! . . .  Geoff O’Keeffe will take on all-comers in a wide-ranging course including ensemble movement/choral work etc.  ‘Be braver, at times bigger, always bolder.’
  7. Course G:  Streetcar and Salesman – American 20th Century Theatre . . .  Peter McAllister is currently Head of Acting at London Central. He trained many of our current professional actors during his time at Samuel Beckett Centre at TCD. This should be a very exciting course for experienced actors.





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