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Apply for the 1-Act Festival Circuit

From August 1st each year

  • Groups register their intention to compete with the National Secretary. Register using the online form below.

  • The registration process starts on August 1st of each year.

  • Please make sure you have reviewed the One Act Festival Rules 2021

  • To register please submit the online form below.

By August 31st each year

  • The organising committee know how many Open & Confined groups are competing.
  • The organising committee advise festivals how many Open groups and how many Confined groups to include in their festival.

From September 1st each year

  • Groups are supplied with their registration number from the organising committee.
  • Using a standard Festival Application Form, groups apply directly to festivals from 18 September 2021.
  • Groups submit this completed form to as many festivals as they like - however, the groups can accept a maximum of 6 festivals at which to perform.

From October Bank Holiday Weekend to the end of November

  • The preliminary festivals run from the October bank holiday weekend to the end of November. There are approx. 25 preliminary festivals.
  • Festivals run at weekends & generally run over 3 nights with 3 productions each night
  • The top 6 Open groups & the top 5 Confined groups qualify for the All-Ireland finals

First Weekend in December

  • The All-Ireland Finals are held on the first weekend in December
  • There is just one All-Ireland Finals, incorporating both Confined & Open finals
  • The venue for the All-Ireland Finals changes each year as it is hosted by one of the festivals or a drama group.

All enquiries to ADCI/DLI One Act Secretary, Ollie Kenny:

085 1742044

Register for the One Act Festivals