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Castlebridge Outreach Workshop

16th Oct 2021

Performing the Character

Drama Workshop for Bridge Drama Saturday, Oct 16, 2021 from 10-5pm.

TUTOR: Imelda McDonagh

Course description: This workshop will explore methods of adding depth to characterisation and increasing the actor’s impact in performance. Through physical and psychological exploration, scene work and performance, the actor and director will examine how this synergy can impact a developing characterisation so that it achieves its fullest potential.

Imelda McDonagh is an experienced director, actor, adjudicator and drama facilitator. She holds an MA in Theatre Studies, has adjudicated all thee Finals on the drama circuit and has recently directed the national award-winning production of Michael Collins on the AIMS platform.

DATE: 16 October

VENUE: Castlebridge Community Centre, Co Wexford

CONTACT: Valerie McGuile, DLI Administrator 089 2356672 (Mon -Thu 10-3)

Castlebridge Community Centre
€10 registration at venue