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Square One 5 Minute Monologue Project

17th Jan 2022

Square One Theatre Group have pleasure in announcing that an idea of a film project submitted by their own tech duo Fergal Holmes and Nigel McGuinness and approved in October 2020 has, following six months of filming members, been completed and is now ready to be shown to the world.

01 - Down by Cormac Megannety - acted by Grainne McGuinness

02 - Level 5 by Roy Beatty - acted by Anne Reynolds

03 - Richard III by William Shakespeare - acted by David Butler

04 - Emily's Dilemma by Maeve Edwards - acted by Sheena Griffin

05 - Molly Bloom’s Soliloquy - acted by Marie C. McCourt

06 - Hamlet by William Shakespeare - acted by Gavin Barrett

The full video will be released on Sunday the 16th of Jan with an opportunity for viewers to donate towards this & future Square One drama projects. Follow us on Facebook or contact for details regarding accessing the film.

Monologues now available to view on YouTube: