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2020 One Act Circuit Cancelled!

23rd May 2020

It is with deep regret that the ADCI/DLI 6 & 6 Joint Committee announces the decision that the 2020 1-Act Drama Circuit has had to be cancelled. The possibility of running the circuit this year was debated long and hard but the conclusion drawn is that due to the restrictions Covid-19 places on all social interactions, with social distancing set to stay in place until a vaccine is found, it would not be feasible. The bottom line is that the risk to life and health would be too great.

It is very disappointing but don’t despair. We hope that you all stay safe and that the circuit for next year will be bigger and better than ever. The time can be well spent reading plays, making plans, and generating new ideas. DRAMA AT ENNIS has been asked to host the One Act Finals for 2021, so we can all look forward to that.

Amateur Drama Council of Ireland/ Drama League of Ireland