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3-Act Drama Festival Circuit 2021 CANCELLED! Alternative being explored.

7th Oct 2020

The news came today from the NEC of the ADCI that the 3-Act Drama Festival Circuit 2021 has been cancelled (see below). While disappointing, it is the only safe option and an alternative is being explored. It's good to hear there is still hope of a play competition going on in Spring 2021.

UPDATES From the NEC of the ADCI.

**Wednesday 7th October 2020. (Posted on the ADCI Facebook page).*

"Drama Friends, In light of further developments in the increase of Covid-19 across the island of Ireland the Amateur Drama Council of Ireland has made the difficult decision to cancel the 3-Act Festival Circuit Competition for 2021. We have however been working on an alternative and this will be made public in the coming weeks depending on the National Health Advice. Stay safe everyone."

** Sunday 30th August 2020 (Posted on the ADCI website )*

"The ADCI NEC met on Sunday 30th August to discuss the 2020/2021 circuit and the viability of having a circuit during the pandemic. While the hope of the NEC is that a Festival Circuit could take place, in light of the current situation and the inherent difficulties and risks, and the limitations on audiences numbers, groups etc it may prove exceptionally difficult to host a Festival Circuit. Over the next month we are going to further examine the options available to us and to produce a roadmap for the 2020/21 season The Committee will make a definite decision on this by early October and produce a document outlining our proposals. If the circuit cannot be held in its traditional format, the committee will examine the possibility of having a virtual circuit or some competitive format. A sub committee has been established to progress this option over the coming weeks to work out the practicalities of this option should we need to go down that route. "