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ADCI/DLI One Act Circuit Festival Guidelines

28th Sep 2021

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28 September 2021

Please note that these guidelines for the 2021 Circuit are still in place. Further guidance will be issued shortly.

The ADCI/DLI Joint Committee are delighted to announce that the All Ireland One-Act Drama Circuit will take place this autumn, and the All Ireland One-Act Drama Finals will go ahead in Ennis on the first weekend of December 2021. With the Covid-19 pandemic still a live issue, this is a brave move, and is, of course, subject to whatever the prevailing health guidelines might be later in the year.

But with the vaccine rollout driving ahead, and the effectiveness of the vaccine programme having a huge impact on limiting both the spread of the virus and the serious health threat that it once posed, we are optimistic that the circuit will be able to take place in a safe and managed environment during the months of October, November and December.

As it cannot be “business as usual” there are a number of new guidelines that the Committee has introduced in the interest of everyone’s safety in respect of the hosting of, and participating in this year’s circuit. These are:

  1. The maximum number of cast and crew per production is 8 people.
  2. The maximum number allowed in a cast is capped at 4 actors.
  3. The number in the crew should be proportionate to the number of actors in the cast.
  4. Sets should be minimal.
  5. Lights setting will have to be done by the technical person at the relevant festival, so lighting requirements should be minimal.

These additional guidelines are necessary to reduce the risk of contamination, enhance infection prevention controls and thus ensuring as much as possible the health and safety of everyone involved in the circuit. We ask you all to be patient, flexible and co-operative at all times when setting up, striking and during your own and other group’s productions.

The schedule of relevant dates for festivals and groups is as follows: • Festivals must have their details with the secretary of the joint committee by 27th August, outlining their preferred dates, venue and adjudicator. The list of festivals and dates will be published on the ADCI and DLI websites by September 2021.

• Groups may register with the secretary of the joint committee no sooner than August 21st.

• Groups may apply to festivals from September 18th, and this must be done via email only. Festivals should reply to groups to acknowledge receipt of a group’s application.

• Festivals are requested to complete their festival programme no sooner than September 25th.

The Committee will continue to monitor and react to the changes in Covid-19 levels and Government guideline updates and will keep you informed of any necessary changes.

All enquiries to Ollie Kenny: