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Contingency Plan for the ADCI/DLI One Act Circuit 2021

30th Sep 2021

The ADCI/DLI Joint Committee has a contingency plan in place for the All Ireland One Act Circuit in the event of a Covid outbreak in a group, and/or an adjudicator contacting the Covid - 19 virus.

In the current edition of the rules, the ones we need to make provision for in the event of a Covid outbreak are Rule 18, under the heading of Festivals, and Rules 38 and 39 under the heading Adjudicator.

The rule states: 18. There shall be an Open and Confined section, if possible, in each festival, with a minimum of three plays in each section. (See also Rule 38 regarding awarding of points). In the event of only two groups competing in any section, then that competition will be deemed void and no points will be awarded for a placing. THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE.

In the event of a group having to withdraw from a festival, and this being solely due to a Covid outbreak, and if this withdrawal leaves only two groups competing in either the Open or Confined section of a festival, the Joint Committee has decided that, in this situation, full points will be awarded to the winning group. No further points will be awarded in the section affected. Festivals must advise their adjudicator of this, should the situation arise (Rule 38 in the Adjudicator section governs the awarding of points). This ruling can ONLY be invoked if there is a Covid - 19 outbreak in a competing group as outlined.

A group must inform by phone and by email whatever festival(s) that they are competing in immediately if there is an outbreak of Covid within their group that will exclude them from participating in a festival, and/or subsequent festivals. The group must also immediately inform the DLI/ADCI Joint Committee Secretary, Ollie Kenny, by email.

We would like to remind festivals about the importance of having a contingency plan in place under Rule 39, especially in the event of their adjudicator contracting the Covid - 19 virus.

Clarification of Lighting Guidelines issued in July by the Joint Committee

All lighting rigging, focusing etc will be carried out by the technical person at a festival venue. Groups are requested NOT to bring any specials with them on circuit this year. NB - the lighting programme will be operated on the lighting board by the group's lighting person for the duration of the group's play. We request that each group wipe the lighting board with a sanitizing wipe when they are finished their work on the lighting board. The wipes should be provided by the host festival.

Issued on behalf of the ADCI/DLI Joint Committee

Ollie Kenny: Joint Committee Secretary