DLI Summer School 2020 Tutors

16th Jan 2020

Latest News on 2020 Summer School Tutors!

Course A Belinda Wild's class is for newcomers to acting and directing. Those returning to drama after a break might also consider Belinda's course.

Course B Geoff O'Keeffe 's class is for those who wish to take up directing, or who already have some directing experience.

Course C Aaron Monaghan's class is for actors with some experience. (This course is provisional, depending on Aaron's acting commitments for 2020).

Course D Wayne Jordan will be working with experienced directors.

Course E Peter McAllister's course will be for experienced actors.

Course F CiarĂ¡n McCauley's class will concentrate on Movement and Physical Theatre.

Course G TBA

Further information on course content will be available soon!

Are you thinking of attending the DLI Summer School 25 July -1 August?

If so, why not contact your local Arts Office to check if they are offering bursaries?

Each year a number of our Summer School participants receive a full or partial bursary towards their costs.

You will find a list of Arts Officers on:


For further information on Summer School 2020, contact:

Willie O'Brien

087 2326259