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DLI/ADCI Playwriting Award 2020 AWARDS Results!

17th Dec 2020

DLI/ADCI Playwriting Award 2020

What an amazing response there was this to this year’s DLI/ADCI New Playwriting Competition with an unprecedented number of entries of 58 One Act plays.

The adjudicating panel members of Walker Ewart, Anne Mekitarian and Trish Keane have reached their decisions and the results were announced at 7pm on Thursday 17th December 2020 in a video presentation posted simultaneously on the DLI and ADCI Facebook pages.

You can view the Award Ceremony on the DLI Facebook Page posting on 17th Dec 2020 on or on the new Drama League of Ireland YouTube Channel

Jim Culleton, Fishamble, kindly opened the Awards Ceremony. The speakers were Joanne Keane (DLI Chairperson, ADCI/DLI Joint Committee Chairperson), Aidan Reidy (ADCI President), Walker Ewart (Chairperson Playwriting Adjudicating Panel), Ollie Kenny (DLI Vice Chairperson, ADCI/DLI Joint Committee Secretary) and Irene Kelliher (Winner of the DLI/ADCI Playwriting Award 2020).

Many thanks to Peadar Kenny (Tech Support).

Congratulations to Irene Kelliher who won the coveted prize of a residential writing week at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annaghmakkerig sponsored by the ADCI/DLI Joint Committee (the 6&6).


  • A Safe Passage by Irene Kelleher.

1st runner up.

  • The Centipede by Frank Houlihan

2nd runner up

  • Champions by Peter Trant

Highly Commended

  • Locked In by Freda Donoghue

  • Fellini’s Dalmatian by Niall Hunter

  • In the Pale Moonlight by Diarmuid McGuinness

  • Whistling Against the Wind by Sarah McKenna Dunne

  • Isolation by Catherine McKiernan

Awards Ceremony Photo Above L-R: Joanne Keane (DLI Chairperson, 6&6 ADCI/DLI Joint Committee Chairperson) Ollie Kenny (DLI Vice-Chairperson, 6&6 ADCI Joint Committee Secretary) Jim Culleton (Fishamble) Walker Ewart (Playwriting Award Committee Chairperson) Aidan Reidy (ADCI President) Michael Johnston (ADCI Chairperson) Photos: Ian Flavin, Tom Cullinane