How to contact the DLI Office during dlr Mill Theatre closure period

21st Mar 2020

Contacting DLI Office

Due to COVID-19 virus prevention measures the dlr Mill Theatre, Dundrum, Dublin 16 is closed until further notice, and therefore the DLI Office is also closed. Unfortunately this means there is no access to the DLI Office phone number of 01-296 9343. The phone line is currently rerouted to the dlr Mill Theatre Box Office answering machine and there is no facility to leave a message. The old email address and the newer one are all routed to the computer in the Office and there has been no tech support available to get any emails rerdirected yet. Please bear with us while all this is going on.

In the meanwhile if you would like to contact DLI, please email: and your query will be dealt with as soon as we can manage it.

There is a new (temporary) mobile number 089 235 6672 that you can call within the DLI Office hours 10am - 3pm Monday - Thursday.