Course A - Do Re Me

Chrissie Poulter

No, it’s not a singing course (‘though we may raise a tune or two!) Remember the words? ... ‘Let’s start at the very beginning/ A very good place to start / When you read you begin with ABC/ When you sing you begin with do re mi’...

And when you act????? What does ‘beginners’ mean? On the night of a show you’ll hear it backstage in some theatres ‘Beginners please’ - meaning 5 minutes before curtain up so you’d better be ready if you’re in the first scene!

‘Beginners’ is a joy! It means it’s OK to say: What’s that about?

How does that work?

‘Beginners’ is where you get to take things to pieces. You can take your time. Keep exploring how it works. So if you want to
spend a week being ‘a beginner’, this is the course for you.

We’ll look at scripts (bring your favourite) and stories (tell us your favourite one) and songs with words and tunes with none.
We’ll look at objects and how they can help us tell a tale. We’ll enjoy the outdoors (if the weather smiles on us!) exploring the inspiring campus of Limerick University for spaces which intrigue and entrance and which help us tell the story of this place and this time. Or just as easily that story of that time. What a treat: Playing with playing and plays. See you there!

Chrissie Poulter: director, deviser, writer, lecturer, trainer.

From Leeds Youth Theatre to a degree in drama from Birmingham University and on to a life of creating theatre with anyone who wants to do that – amateur , professional and non-actors - in Ireland, UK, Poland, Greece, France, Spain and Norway. Chrissie has led training workshops for visual artists, writers, directors,teachers, community drama facilitators and more, focusing on ways of working with people to bring out the best of their creativity and expressivity in collaboration with others.

She is now Head of Drama in the School of Creative Arts in Trinity College Dublin which she joined in 1990, teaching on both the four year honours degree and the professional actor-training course. Chrissie is no stranger to the intense and fun world of the DLI summer schools.

Half-Bursary Award 2018

The half-bursary award is made to support the skills’ development of DLI members who are new and/or fairly inexperienced actors who, through financial circumstance, might not otherwise be in a position to avail of this training. We invite applications from DLI members for a Half- Bursary Award to enable attendance at Course A: DO - RE - MI . . . . with tutor Chrissie Poulter. Find out more about the half-bursary award.